Hoyck Management Consultants accompanies the KRONES AG, a leading manufacturer of machines and complete lines in the fields of process, filling and packaging technology, in the further development of the international HR organization and in the redesign of core HR processes


The challenge

Following a strategic realignment and reorganization of the entire company, the project focused on a strategy-oriented development of the HR organization and the redesign of core HR processes. The central aim of the project was to raise and sharpen the value proposition of the HR organization in the implementation of the new company strategy.


Procedure and results

Based on a stakeholder analysis structured interviews with all Board members, selected executives and employees of the HR function on the topics of HR strategy & positioning, HR operating model, HR processes & instruments and roles & competencies were conducted. In this connection questions regarding the current status, current “pain points” and the direction for the future have been raised and answered. Furthermore a complete HR process map was created and the existing HR capacity allocation to these processes was analyzed.


In a second step, a target model/vision of the new HR organization and the future positioning of HR was developed in a couple of workshop with representatives of the HR department. The workshops also delivered a clear description of the responsibilities of the various HR units. Based on these descriptions roles within the various HR units were defined and all roles were merged in an holistic HR role model. To steer the cooperation within HR as well as the access of internal customers to the HR organization, a governance model for the new HR organization was finally developed.


In a further step, core HR processes were redesigned and defined (on the basis of a process model used in the company) taking into account the specified responsibilities and roles within the new HR operating model. In this connection special attention was payed on the targeted design of the overall process ( involving all stakeholders) and the responsibility and procedure for future continuous process design and improvements were “practized”.


The joint development of a gradual implementation plan for the target HR organization and the implementation of first steps completed the project. The cooperative coexistence of equals between the (HR) employees of the company and our consultants combined with practice-oriented tact for the feasible and the definition of compatible, meaningful intermediate steps were guarantors of success for a sustainable transformation of the HR Division.