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Is creativity part of the personnel function? Absolutely! The paths to the best HR processes, products and management tools require good ideas, but also the courage to implement them. We offer a broad spectrum of HR competence fields. We bring plenty of enthusiasm for our tasks. As well as empathy and tact. But personal commitment is crucial for success. We have lived this for more than 20 years in international HR functions. Whether project conception or complete transformation processes: You can rely on our execution power and strength in implementation.

Competencies and services

New Work & Organization

The world of work is undergoing a drastic change: digitization, automation and artificial intelligence will lead to the freeing up of considerable human resources in the future. At the same time, rapid scientific progress is creating numerous new jobs in a very short time. In addition, new forms of cooperation are increasingly determining the company’s activities – New Work.

We support companies and managers in preparing for the future and in coping with the constant change. Employees and external experts must also be enabled to acquire new skills and competencies and to choose from a variety of learning opportunities.

Is the organizational structure of your company and the group still up to date? Are areas with agile working methods and traditional line organizations integrated or meaningfully separated from each other?

We provide support with organizational benchmarks and health checks and help pragmatically to design new organizations and to build contemporary job architectures with clarity about the skills required in the job. Such an architecture can be used as a basis for numerous applications such as workforce analytics, skill management, compensation structures and attractive career management.

HR Strategy and Transformation

Does your HR organization meet the demands of the business and can it withstand continuous development? Has digitalisation been introduced in all areas of your HR organisation? Up-to-date and excellent HR management requires an HR strategy and organization that is aligned with the corporate strategy and business objectives, as well as its appropriate steering. The value contribution of your HR department and its importance within the company can be significantly increased.

We provide support in the development and adaptation of strategies as well as in their introduction and communication or evaluate their actual impact.

We analyze your existing organization and help with the design and/or transformation, i.e. the consistent implementation of an HR business model with clearly defined end-to-end processes, roles, competencies and responsibilities as well as the promotion of a strong customer-oriented HR team.

People Strategy, Talents & Leaders

Derived from the business strategy and firmly anchored in the company’s overall strategy, the People Strategy is the key to aligning all efforts around the company’s most important assets: its employees.

We support the development and adaptation of strategies as well as their introduction and communication or evaluate their actual impact.

The question of the right number of hierarchical levels and managers is a concern for every new CEO. Can agile units without managers organize themselves? What new demands are placed on the role of a future-oriented leader? Leadership is changing.

We support you on the journey to true leadership in your company.

Both applicants and top performers have the choice of working for you or another company.

Together with you, we develop a holistic talent management concept that fits your corporate strategy, which includes an employer brand strategy as well as the design and implementation of a coherent set of talent management tools. This includes target group-specific selection procedures, alternative career paths and a succession management system that is integrated into personnel development.

Motivated and committed employees are an essential success factor for the implementation of ambitious corporate goals. High-performing employees expect immediate feedback and permanent dialogue on the development opportunities for their professional and personal skills.

We also develop the right tools for your corporate strategy in the areas of development, performance, skills and career. In doing so, we pay particular attention to an integrated approach, i.e. to dovetailing all management instruments with the business requirements.

New Compensation & Benefits

We develop and introduce: Total compensation strategy, grading/levelling structures via easygrading, compensation bands, basic salary systems, short and long-term variable compensation (bonus, short and long-term incentives), employee participation programs, benefits, fringe benefits and retirement benefits. Depending on the objectives, programs can be company-wide or target-group-specific. The costs of the programs must be controllable at all times, their mechanisms of action must be easy to understand, and they must be attractive for employees in the company and candidates in the market.

For the target group sales, the topic of sales compensation/incentives is of particular importance.
We support the sales department in aligning the incentive systems with the business requirements of the sales department and the motivation of the sales staff.

In the light of new regulatory requirements and the desire for responsible governance, the topic of executive compensation, including remuneration of executive bodies, has recently become particularly important. Here we support global corporations and mid caps in the design and implementation.

In all our projects we pay particular attention to the effective communication of compensation and benefits content. After all, the Total Rewards package is an important component of the Employer Value Proposition.

M&A & Internationalization

Does your organization function smoothly across borders and do all locations feel represented by the headquarters? Have the organization and processes kept up with the internationalization of the company and are they aligned with it? Cross-border deployments of employees as well as planned cooperation on an international level support you in taking advantage of global market opportunities, promoting employees and integrating your company.

We support you in your choice of location in the course of internationalisation, in all questions of global mobility and efficient cooperation between teams operating across borders. This is based on a status and needs analysis, the development of tailor-made concepts and their implementation. Our goal is to minimize organizational frictional losses and to keep your operational expenses as low as possible. We are also an exclusive partner of EMS, a practice-oriented software solution for the automation of your expat management.

Mergers, takeovers or other changes under company law, such as the establishment of a joint venture, are a particular challenge for HR on both sides of the company. Are the employees up to these challenges and do they have sufficient capacity without jeopardizing the necessary day-to-day business?

We provide support in qualifying the HR team in the run-up to and during the transactions, we can provide qualified M&A capacities and provide conceptual support for a wide range of post-merger integration projects.

Analysis and Conception

We analyse the most diverse aspects of HR work, such as the efficiency of HR organisations, the appropriateness of compensation structures or the acceptance of management tools, in order to support or refute hypotheses in a targeted manner and identify possible fields of action. Our extensive practical experience enables us to take certain implementation aspects into account already in the conception phase, i.e. at an early stage. This means that our concepts are not only innovative, but always practical: we ensure that your company can pragmatically implement instruments and processes with sustainable success.

Implementation and Communication

New management and HR processes/instruments successfully introduced by practitioners: Our many years of implementation experience in various HR roles have taught us to think early on about all aspects of the introduction, such as establishing end-to-end processes, including all interfaces as well as employee representative bodies, securing IT systems and mapping them in the service portfolio of the service units, regulating governance, and much more. Our knowledge of all possible stumbling blocks beats many a virtuoso design. We take care of effective communication and our holistic (systemic) approach is a decisive factor in ensuring a successful change process. We implement innovative and pragmatic solutions in such a way that they work sustainably.

Project Management

As a project manager with extensive experience in the HR environment, vision and sensitivity, we accompany you from the project definition and implementation to the project completion. We ensure that your HR projects are planned and managed correctly and that the project goals are achieved in a high-quality manner, on time and within budget.

Interim Management

Human Resources Manager, Compensation & Benefit or Global Mobility Manager

Do you need a good manager temporarily? Assign us at short notice, for example, as Human Resources Manager, Compensation & Benefit or Global Mobility Manager. With our broad experience we will quickly find our way around.

We can temporarily close vacancies in important HR functions at short notice and without extensive training periods by using experienced HR practitioners from our network. This ensures that your vacant HR function is continuously performed, strategic and operational business is not jeopardized, and important projects do not have to be put on hold. You avoid unnecessary friction until the new HR executive or HR professional is on board. This is where experienced practitioners with group, staff and line experience come into play, whose foresight, pragmatism and diversity of expertise provide temporary relief for the HR organisation. In addition, interesting insights into processes or structures can be gained by looking through external glasses.

Introduction of HR processes and products

The introduction of processes and products requires additional capacities that are not always available in addition to everyday business.

We support you in this phase with additional, flexible and experienced capacities, so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

HR Projects

We help you plan, execute and implement HR projects; whether it is the harmonization of HR processes after an M&A transaction, updating your year-end processes or implementing a new HR organization.

Typical areas of need are:

– Bridging of vacancies (replacement, parental leave, sabbatical, illness etc.)

– Resource bottlenecks (project management, implementation, etc.)

– Special know-how (e.g. restructuring, M&A, due diligence, post merger integration)