SAP won GEO’s ‚Best Plan Effectiveness‘ Award Hoyck Management Consultants congratulates and is proud of being part of this remarkable success story


SAP was able to convince the jury of this year’s GEO Award 2017: In the end of April the German software company was honored for the performance of its new designed employee equity plan in the ‘Best Plan Effectiveness’ category with the renowned prize of the Global Equity Organization, the international largest organization for equity compensation. The aim to ensure that SAP employees participate in the success of the company was reached within a few months after introduction. Already up to 70 percent monthly of the employees participate in the new share plan and building up wealth as SAP shareholders.

Under the lead of Heike Neumann, the Global Head of Executive Rewards & Global Equity of the SAP, both, SAP and Hoyck, developed a global employee equity compensation plan: Own SAP. Own SAP is one part of the new equity compensation strategy of SAP, which is based on two global equity compensation programs. Therefore the existing complex landscape of different equity based compensation programs was migrated in two global equity based compensation programs: Own SAP for all employees (excluding Executive Board) and Move SAP as a more flexible tool for incentivizing specific groups of employees and executives. With the introduction of the new employee equity plan Own SAP the company consistently implements its compensation strategy in order to enable employees to participate in the company success. Since the launch of the new employee equity plan in the end of 2016 SAP employees worldwide can participate in the continuous, monthly wealth accumulation in form of shares.

Hoyck Management Consultants are pleased with the award and congratulates their long-standing client SAP for the success of the new employee equity compensation plan.


Andreas Hofmann, Partner and Managing Director Hoyck Management Consultants:

“Excellent concepts and successfully project implementation for customers benefit both, our high demands on ourselves and our value proposition. We’re really thrilled about the fact that a joint employee equity program has been honored again with the renowned GEO Award. With ‘Own SAP’ the team around Heike Neumann has won already the GEO Global Equity Award in the ‘Most Innovative and Creative Plan Design’ category in 2016.This year’s award underlines the successful teamwork, the smooth implementation and the outstanding power of persuasion of the employee equity program.”


Here you can find more information about the Global Equity Organization and the GEO Award.