Interim Management

Human Resources Manager, Compensation & Benefit or Global Mobility Manager

Do you need a good manager temporarily? Assign us at short notice, for example, as Human Resources Manager, Compensation & Benefit or Global Mobility Manager. With our broad experience we will quickly find our way around.

We can temporarily close vacancies in important HR functions at short notice and without extensive training periods by using experienced HR practitioners from our network. This ensures that your vacant HR function is continuously performed, strategic and operational business is not jeopardized, and important projects do not have to be put on hold. You avoid unnecessary friction until the new HR executive or HR professional is on board. This is where experienced practitioners with group, staff and line experience come into play, whose foresight, pragmatism and diversity of expertise provide temporary relief for the HR organisation. In addition, interesting insights into processes or structures can be gained by looking through external glasses.

Introduction of HR processes and products

The introduction of processes and products requires additional capacities that are not always available in addition to everyday business.

We support you in this phase with additional, flexible and experienced capacities, so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

HR Projects

We help you plan, execute and implement HR projects; whether it is the harmonization of HR processes after an M&A transaction, updating your year-end processes or implementing a new HR organization.

Typical areas of need are:

– Bridging of vacancies (replacement, parental leave, sabbatical, illness etc.)

– Resource bottlenecks (project management, implementation, etc.)

– Special know-how (e.g. restructuring, M&A, due diligence, post merger integration)