New Compensation & Benefits

We develop and introduce: Total compensation strategy, grading/levelling structures via easygrading, compensation bands, basic salary systems, short and long-term variable compensation (bonus, short and long-term incentives), employee participation programs, benefits, fringe benefits and retirement benefits. Depending on the objectives, programs can be company-wide or target-group-specific. The costs of the programs must be controllable at all times, their mechanisms of action must be easy to understand, and they must be attractive for employees in the company and candidates in the market.

For the target group sales, the topic of sales compensation/incentives is of particular importance.
We support the sales department in aligning the incentive systems with the business requirements of the sales department and the motivation of the sales staff.

In the light of new regulatory requirements and the desire for responsible governance, the topic of executive compensation, including remuneration of executive bodies, has recently become particularly important. Here we support global corporations and mid caps in the design and implementation.

In all our projects we pay particular attention to the effective communication of compensation and benefits content. After all, the Total Rewards package is an important component of the Employer Value Proposition.