New Work & Organization

The world of work is undergoing a drastic change: digitization, automation and artificial intelligence will lead to the freeing up of considerable human resources in the future. At the same time, rapid scientific progress is creating numerous new jobs in a very short time. In addition, new forms of cooperation are increasingly determining the company’s activities – New Work.

We support companies and managers in preparing for the future and in coping with the constant change. Employees and external experts must also be enabled to acquire new skills and competencies and to choose from a variety of learning opportunities.

Is the organizational structure of your company and the group still up to date? Are areas with agile working methods and traditional line organizations integrated or meaningfully separated from each other?

We provide support with organizational benchmarks and health checks and help pragmatically to design new organizations and to build contemporary job architectures with clarity about the skills required in the job. Such an architecture can be used as a basis for numerous applications such as workforce analytics, skill management, compensation structures and attractive career management.